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Leadership Retreat - Ft Lauderdale, FL

Doulos Summer Studies

Phil & Jina's Wedding

Joining God in what He’s doing!
The year 2003 has included: Gathering our leaders for training and prayer (above); teaching our Doulos Summer Studies in Miami on “Our Identity in Christ” (above); Spending time with Sam from China (above-right) and Brian (above) who is preparing for ministry in Germany; Being Best Man at Phil and Jina’s wedding; Joining a group of friends on their trip to Central America (below).

Central America Trip

Pauline and Dave with Carlos and Mirtha Salabarria, David and Bev Nunes, and Tim and Peggy Pappas.

Washington, D.C. Visit - (L-R) Geoff Doyle, Olivia and Steve Clark, Pauline, Gabriela Doyle.

Geoff is the first man that Dave ever discipled in depth in Miami. Steve was our very first Pastor, after we became Christians in Jamaica. Steve now pastors a PCA church in DC. Geoff and Gabriela, have 3 beautiful children. Geoff now works with a major TV network in our nation's capital and covers the big stories.

Dave's 60th Birthday Celebration
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Sam Visits from China

Nicola graduates - summa cum laude from Rutgers University.

Phil and Jina
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