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Spiritual Multiplication
"And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable men who will also be qualified to teach others." 2 Tim 2:2.
Jay Reynardus, above right, teaches the Bible to 150-200 men in Miami every Monday evening. Jay has been appointed teaching leader of BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) for Miami. What a privilege and a joy it has been not only to lead Jay to the Lord but also to disciple him! Please keep Jay in your prayers.

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A pattern of multiplication is true for most of the men and women whom Dave disciples.

Above Left : (L-R) Dave, Edna, Phil, Ed. Above Right : (L-R) Vince, Phil, Dave. Dave led Phil to Christ, who in turn led the others shown above to the Lord

Sebastian Grabmaier in Munich has also introduced all his close friends to Christ
(L-R;) Sebastian, Daniela, Ralf, Sylvia, Holger Stiehl, Annette and Justus

: in Madrid, Spain and Genoa, Italy -
see Europe 2004 - 5.

Phil Nicholas - Since Dave led Phil to the Lord in the summer of 1993, Phil has made countless disciples of the Lord Jesus, whom he continues to disciple. Phil and his wife Jina and their family are now back in Miami after Phil had been assigned to Madrid, Spain, for two and a half years. While in Madrid, Phil shared his faith in Christ with many new friends. For the
full story go to Europe 2004 - 5.

Phil's 40th Birthday Party
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Max Price
Max is also a lawyer. In the early 90's he made a profession of faith in Christ at an outreach lunch which Dave helped to organize. Max's first priority is his wife Diana and their sons Alex, Connor, and Jovany. Max plays a key role in the ministry in dealing with financial and administrative matters, but he also gives prime time in assisting Dave to disciple a growing number of men. We thank God for his faithfulness in discipling others, and for his hard work and dedication to this ministry. Max and Diana and their family live in Miami.

Odette & Robbie
Robbie is Jewish but he has now accepted Jesus as Messiah! Robbie now lives in Kingston, Jamaica.
Jay Reynardus teaching other young attorneys in Miami.
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