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Ministry in Germany

The Ministry in Germany started through personal friendships with young attorneys and other German businessmen who were studying or interning in Miami. Now we play an active part in their continued discipleship and growth

Munich : (L-R) Sebastian, Daniela, Dave, Holger Stiehl

Dave teaching men's retreat Kitzbühel, Austria.

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Frankfurt : LEFT: Dave & Holger Strahl; RIGHT: René Janata & Holger.

Ralf, Sebastian, Justus

New Members of Munich Study - (L-R:) Philipp, Dave, René Grohn, Andreas, Brian, Katharina

Men's Retreat in Kitzbühel, 2005

Enjoying the Beauty of the Alps
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Achim and Bettina
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Holger and Isabel Stiehl
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Sebastian, Dave, Holger
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Sebastian speaks to his childhood friend Justus.

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Holger and Manuela Strahl
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Dave & Ralf
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Bayern Munich Soccer
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Lunch with Hilger and Bettina
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Downtown Munich

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