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Kitzbühel Retreat, Austria - June 2005
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Madrid Men's Retreat, October 2004

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Slideshow of the Visits to Munich 2004

University of Liverpool - Class of '66 - Reunion with Best Friends (3.04)

Above Left: (L-R:) John Maxwell, Dave, David Jones - Above Right: Richard Baldwin, Dave, It was wonderful to visit my best friends in the UK from my days at the University of Liverpool (3.04)

Kitzbühel Retreat, Austria - May 2004
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Click here to see slideshow of Kitzbühel Retreat
Italy - July 2004
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I first met Federico after 9/11 when he stayed at my home in Miami. (See Highlights 2001) Now Federico enjoys a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and invited me to visit him at his family's holiday home near Genoa where they live.

 Visit to Frankfurt - Dec 2004

 Munich, Dec 2004 - meeting with Campus Crusade Staff
Dinner with Philipp and Katharina
Dinner with Ralf and Anna
Munich Study
Ministering Worldwide with Campus Crusade for Christ International
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